F*#&$*@ domestic life.

My current project – Curtains.


Curtaining my new house, so that my Mom stops calling me to ask if I have curtains.  Hanging shit on my windows, so the neighbours have to turn on their tv if they want to be entertained.  Shopping, being a good little consumer; it just ain’t my thing.  Give me rusty buckets, unusual boardgames from the 70’s – That will make me a happy pirate. 

I’ve had so many conversations about curtains, too many spoken words about such things make me nauseous.  An uncontrollable gagging as my body tries to reject the mundane.  And yet, here I am; typing about such things.  It’s an attempt to purge all knowledge of finials, centre brackets, rod pockets and rod clips. 


Purge, purge – PURGE.


I did hang the hardware myself, which I’m quite proud of.




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